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Complied by a PT

Training chart attached below has been compiled by a Personal Trainer. Please follow this chart for 6 months prior to your hike to ensure all you muscles have the time to develop to make the Carnarvon Great Walk a Successful hike. Hikers that ignore the training often are in pain, suffering and in tears. Training with the pack weight you're hiking with is super important. So start hiking with pack on with 5kg in it, then slowly add weight. Train with 14 to 15kg, this will ensure you get no nasty surprises last minute.

Either follow this attachment below or find yourself a personal Trainer on line or in your suburb that can prepare you for level 5 terrain. Please click on the RED button with Training on it, open up and print it and stick it on your fridge and follow for 6 months prior your hike.

Hikers that choose NOT to train correctly are evacuated at Westbranch camp creating someone to drive 8-10 hours just for you. Train hard and follow the attachment or something equivalent.

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